The Lumberton Police Department is now offering Child Safety Seat Inspections. Please contact Officer Sean Tait at (609)267-1111 x326 or

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SR-1 (The Late Accident Report)

 If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident and do not report it right away, you must make your own report of the accident for insurance purposes or to report it to the State of New Jersey. To do so, fill out this form using the included guide, then print it out and manually make your drawing. Mailing instructions are right on the form.

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The Crime Prevention Unit will conduct an in-depth on-site examination of your home or business and its surrounding property. The survey is conducted to determine your security status; to identify deficiencies or security risks; to define the protection needed; and to make recommendations to reduce the opportunity for a criminal attack to be successful. To schedule a survey of your property contact Corporal Joseph McHugh or Officer Stephen Cittadini at (856)267-1111.


Operation I.D. is a property-marking program that has been successful in reducing or eliminating burglary and theft in communities where it has been properly implemented. The program is based on the premise that items that are difficult for a thief to sell are less likely to be stolen.

It is easy to join Operation I.D. and costs you nothing but a little time.

First: Borrow an engraving tool from the Police Deptartment and pick up an inventory form.

Second: List valuables on the form and engrave your drivers license number on all property.

Third: Display Operation I.D. stickers on your doors and windows to warn the potential thief that all items have been marked for ready identification by Law Enforcement Agencies. The stickers are given out upon return of the engraver.

All materials for this program can be obtained from the Lumberton Township Police Department Crime Prevention Unit.


Neighborhood Watch is a well-organized group of citizens that encourages residents to become more aware of their surroundings and to act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the police department. There are several Watch groups already established in Lumberton. For information or assistance with starting a Neighborhood Watch in your neighborhood contact Corporal Joseph McHugh at (856)267-1111.


Keep all doors and windows closed and securely fastened. An open window or door is an open invitation for burglars. Thieves are also quick to spot weak locks that may be easily forced open. Doors should have deadbolt locks with a one inch throw and reinforced strike plate with three inch screws. All windows should have window locks.
Secure sliding glass doors. Place a metal rod or piece of plywood in the track and install vertical bolts. These will help prevent burglars from forcing the door open or lifting it off the track.
Always lock the door to an attached garage. Don’t rely on your automatic garage door opener for security.
Create the illusion that you are home, by using timers on lights, radios and TV’s. Making your residence appear occupied, even when no one is home, will deter criminals.
Keep the perimeter of your home well lighted. Installing low voltage outdoor lighting is a cost-effective way to discourage intruders, as well as highlight a house.
Never leave clues that you are away on a trip. Have a trusted neighbor collect mail and newspapers while you are away so delivered items do not accumulate. You can also ask a neighbor to park in your driveway or parking place to make it appear that you are present.
Keep some shades and blinds up and curtains open to maintain a normal, everyday appearance in your residence.
Never leave a message on your telephone answering machine telling people that you are away from home. A message that you will return at a certain time leaves your home vulnerable in the interim.
Keep shrubbery trimmed away from entrances and walkways. While large, ornate hedges may be beautiful, they also provide a hiding place for burglars who need only a minute to break in through a window or door.
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